Samantha Dent

How to build a home

Take everything you’ve ever known
about love,
about comfort.
Empty it ass up on the carpet.

leaving your clothes in piles on your floor.
washing dishes only when you need them.
folding, refolding,
washing, rewashing.

placing importance on personal spaces.

Call your mother at midnight
when He has a nosebleed
neither of you know how to stop.

Call your mother at lunch time
when You can’t remember
which washing cycle
does what.

Google: how to not blow yourself up
when the new oven runs on gas.
Google: how to stop suds suddenly
pouring out the new front loader.
Fight about money
Fight about how to make more money
Google: how to make more money

Take everything you’ve ever known
about what it takes to make
a home
and throw it out
with the bathwater.


Samantha Dent is a writer, occasional poet, and third-year BFA Creative Writing student from Brisbane, Australia. She is co-creator of Veronica Literary Magazine, and has work in Woolf Pack Zine.