Hannah Lanier

Escapist’s Lullaby

(the sound of a metronome is similar to hypnosis)
Try to open eyes not used
to light bleary
silence opens doors not meant
for the two of us, sister you shouldn’t
have felt the needle sharp ice break below
you in June mother says girls tell white
lies pretty white lies
mother mops floors with yellow bleach bottles strewn
on carpet with tea stains, don’t walk toward Sunday because
someday, sonatas will haunt your empty loft
apartment echoes on scratched wood floors calling
for California in wind soaked rain. (tic





Hannah Lanier is a sophomore in high school. She doesn’t remember a time when she didn’t write and hopes to never see a time when she doesn’t. Hannah has work in or forthcoming from Literary Orphans, The Eunoia Review and Eclectica Magazine.