How can I get in touch with you? Please send emails to or follow us on Instagram @daphnemagazine

Do you accept simultaneous submissions? Yes, but please let us know as soon as your work is accepted elsewhere.

Are you offering payment? At this time we cannot offer payment for accepted submissions. Hopefully someday in the future we will be able to compensate our authors. We reserve first publishing rights and then the copyright reverts back to the author. 

Do you accept art, photography, media etc? We're interested all kinds of creative work. If you are creating poem-photo hybrids send them our way. For visual art please send a query with links to your work. 

Why aren't you publishing short stories or longer pieces of fiction? We are currently a one woman show so to speak. With a full time job and other obligations we want to give your work the attention it deserves and we feel at this time poetry and flash fiction suits this space best.

What are you looking for in creative non-fiction pieces? We're looking for essays on the power of books and music to change lives, to consume you, to make you go on cross country bike trips after you graduate from college. Please read our blog for links to examples. 

Do you edit pieces? No, pieces not ready for publication will not be considered. Please check your spelling and grammar before you send. 

Can I send you sexist/racist/homophobic garbage? Please don't. Obviously I can't stop you  from hitting send on whatever kind of email you choose to write but I can stop reading and delete things that are purposefully offensive. This is a safe inclusive space; please treat it as such.