Weekly Writing Prompt

As we hit the dog days of summer; that part of July that is officially summer time but also means summer is half way over, a feeling of melancholy might come over you. Maybe you're looking longingly out your window at the blue sky, maybe you're counting down the days until your summer vacation, maybe you are planning barbecues or sleepovers for your children and their friends and you feel that time is moving faster than you'd like. It's always hard for me this time of year to sit down and write, when the sun is shining I feel guilty for staying indoors, and when I'm outside I find I'd rather enjoy it fully than sit and write. So for this week I've set a goal for myself to write for ten minutes a day. 

How do you set writing goals? A friend and I were recently talking about our struggle with setting aside meaningful writing time. We both felt that we had to have other things happen before it would be "ok" for us to write. We had to go to yoga, do the grocery shopping, or clean up our apartments before we could give ourselves permission to write. However, those tasks were really more like excuses. Last night I sat in front of my computer for ten minute or so, a blank word document in front of me, I only typed a few words. Nothing I wrote last night was that great, it was a summary of stray thoughts I'd had over the weekend, but it helped me outline some ideas I want to explore further. 

So for our weekly writing prompt we'd like you to set a goal for yourself. It should be a small one, like committing to writing for 10 minutes, or revising the poem/short story you've had sitting around for a few months, or submitting to one journal. Sometimes setting and meeting a small goal can help motivate you to meet your larger goals head on. 

Later this week we'll be exploring some free tools you can use as a writer to make notes, work remotely and keep track of your submissions.

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer and finding time to write in-between work, kids, socializing and just relaxing!