Weekly Writing Prompt

Happy Monday! We hope your reading this whilst enjoying a lovely long weekend. Tomorrow is Fourth of July in the U.S. and I can imagine many people are celebrating with heavy hearts. How can we as citizen's celebrate our independence when many feel our country has been taken over by autocratic leaders intent on destroying everything our democracy represents? This is heavy subject matter to consider but it's the basis for this week's writing prompt. 

I know the American experience is not perfect, or uniform, many feel left behind or left out of the American dream. Even the phrase "American Dream" will have millions of different meanings depending on who you end up asking. However, many people the country over are working to make America safe and inclusive for all. All the protestors that gathered at airports across the country to welcome immigrants, anyone that's donated food, clothing, shelter, or blood to their fellow citizen's in a crisis, churches that offered shelter to undocumented immigrants, rancher's who leave water along the Southern border to help those seeking a better life than what they left behind, all of these people make up the multitudes of the American experience. 

I remember watching an interview with Masha Gessen where she says that to successfully resist Trump's administration we must; "Continue panicking, be the hysteric in the room, and say this is not normal. Remember why you are panicking and write a note to yourself about what you would never do and when you come to the line don't cross it."

For this week's writing prompt we want you to write that note. Write down what being American means to you, write down the names of people you want to fight for, write down the things you refuse to surrender. Ask yourself where your line is and write towards it to preserve your hope. 

As always we'd love to see your responses to these prompts. Please feel free to drop us a line via email or on twitter and Facebook.

We hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday tomorrow.

Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash