Weekly Writing Prompt

Welcome back to Daphne Magazine's weekly writing prompts. We'd like to spend the rest of the summer with you working on craft, finding inspiration and hopefully starting some promising new pieces. For our first writing prompt of the summer we wanted to explore the use of archaic words or phrases. 

Inspired by this piece in Thrush Poetry Journal's May issue we wondered how the use of words like 'O' can elevate a piece out of the ordinary. Forester's use of a an old-fashioned word like 'O' takes his piece into a different mode than if he had left it out, it drives the poem into a frenzied cry both sad and comical. 

For this week pick an archaic word or phrase and incorporate it into your piece. Use a word like O, Alas, thee, thou, hence, etc. How can you use these words to either elevate the seriousness of your piece or add levity? Does working with unusual or archaic words open up new ways of working with repetition or line breaks? 

As always we'd love to see your responses to these writing prompts! Drop us a line and let us see what inspires you. 

Photo via Unsplash