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Monday Writing Prompt

Welcome back to the blog! We've got another writing prompt for #nationalpoetrymonth and we hope to see some of your responses soon!

This last week we've been thinking about what happens in the background. From movies, to dreams, to our daily walks to the bus stop there is constant background noise. However sometimes we can forget to ground our pieces in a larger world. We're not talking about world building necessarily but we're asking you to carefully consider the setting of your piece to enrich it's layers. 

For your poem or short story make a list of things that happen around you on a regular basis. For example, if your character lives near a train yard or train tracks maybe they hear the sound of horns or bells at certain times. Perhaps there is an annual meteor shower where your character lives. Do their neighbors argue; maybe they can hear them talking through the walls.

Is there a regular natural phenomenon that happens during your piece? Maybe your character see the Northern Lights, or waterfalls in the Sierras, or an animal migration. Do some research into the factors that create these occurrences and incorporate them into the piece. 

Does adding a natural phenomenon into your piece enrich your writing process? Does layering in "background noise" complement your larger message? 


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