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Weekend Links

Weekend Links


What are your plans this weekend? We'll be writing poems for National Poetry month and probably finding time to eat some tacos- you know the usual! Here's some stuff from the internet we've been reading.

I rankle at this idea that I need to spend my mental and emotional space writing in reaction to Trump. There are ways in which the moment we’re in will filter into our work. [...] I don’t want to ignore the moment we’re in, or abdicate responsibility to respond to it, but I don’t even know what a fictional response to Trump would even look like! Writing about black people who have humanity is already pushing back against Trumpism. [...] To write about black characters is to assert black humanity. By doing that, you’re pushing back against the forces of white supremacy, which have existed before Trump and will continue to exist long after him. - Brit Bennett

That quote above is from an interview with Brit Bennett on The Millions. The whole things is a great read. 

Have you heard of the Sad Girls theory

Photos from the streets of New York. I want a story about the man in the suit carrying the high heels. 

All the things women are doing wrong.

If you want to read about bad or bad-ass women start with this list.

If you're in or around LA here are some great places to see the wildflower super bloom. I keep thinking this phenomenon would be a good story detail.

It's National Poetry Month, maybe the best time to send your favorite poet some fan mail.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, sees some wildflowers or has some yummy tacos. We'll be back on Monday with another writing prompt and some of our favorite poems.

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Recommended Reading: Jack Gilbert

Recommended Reading: Jack Gilbert