Weekly Writing Prompt

Happy Tuesday readers! I know I KNOW, we normally post a writing prompt on Monday but, I started a new job last week and ended up losing track of what was going on in this space. Apologies! However I'm back with a cool new writing prompt for y'all. 

As a resident of San Francisco I think about technology a lot. A lot. It seems every day there's a new app or device or piece of software that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Most of these companies soon fall by the wayside or are absorbed by more traditional companies with more money. Some of the companies become wildly successful and an intrinsic part of daily life. Yet, how do you incorporate current technologies into your writing?

Do you remember the last time you watched Star Trek? It's interesting to see what holds up and what has become obsolete on this show about the near future. We still don't have things like transporters or interactive hologram programs (yet!) but we have cell phones smaller and more elegant than a tricorder. Sometimes it seems like contemporary writers are afraid to write about technology because the rate of change is so fast their book might come across as dated before it's even released. 

What all this is leading to is... write about a piece of technology! Maybe it's your current cell phone, or maybe it's a VR headset that has yet to be invented. Play around with incorporating a piece of technology into your story and see how it affects your character. Does it change the way they can interact with people? Is it tracking their every move or enhancing their reflexes? Is it good, bad, indifferent? 

Think about the way technology has become incorporated into day to day life. How does it create access? How does it bring people together or tear them apart? As things like cell phones, social networks, self-driving cars become more and more entrenched in our day to day lives how can writers use technological devices to enhance our storytelling?

As always we'd love to read your responses to the writing prompts! Send us your piece, thoughts, poem, essay, whatever and we'll publish it on the blog!