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Monday Writing Prompt

Welcome back readers! Did you watch the Oscar's last night? We were shocked by the (now) historic mix-up over the Best Film announcement. For a ceremony like the Oscar's, one that is so rehearsed to be almost boring, upsets like last night's will be rehashed for years to come. 

This got us to thinking about how we can use historic events in our work. For this week's writing prompt we're going to explore historic moments. We love looking up "this day in history" websites to find out the important cultural events that happened in the past. From birthday's to special television moments there's a wealth of shared history out there to jumpstart your writing.

Here's a list of things that happened on February 27th:

In 1827 New Orleans held its first Mardi Gras celebration.

William Wadsworth Longfellow was born February 27th 1807

In 1922 the US Supreme Court upheld women's right to vote. 

In 1933 the Nazi Reichstag building was set on fire. 

All of these events are great jumping off points for a poem. Ask yourself as you write, how do past events inform the future? How did these moments in the past affect my life or my family? How does history repeat itself? What are the lessons we can learn from the past?

As always we'd love to see your response to these prompts!

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