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Recommended Reading: Travel Tips


One of our favorite things about vacations is uninterrupted reading time. From the plane, to the beach, to our hotel room... basically anywhere and anytime we're traveling we're probably reading a book, or carrying a book around looking for a place to read. 

Here are our tried and true tips for travel reading.

1) Consider the E-Reader: This might be a controversial place to start but e-readers are ridiculously convenient when traveling. First of all you can carry hundreds of books in your carry on. Secondly E-books are generally cheaper than physical books, when you're in an airport or train station and you've run out of reading material it's less of a hassle to buy something online than in a store (plus no need to worry about conversion rates). My last big trip was six and half weeks of on the go traveling and I was able to read around 10 books because of my Kindle.

2) Find out the local authors: Going to Naples? Read Elena Ferrante. Traveling to Tokyo? Try Haruki Murakami. While it might be tempting to focus on historical locations, or cool photo shoot locations, I find reading fiction about where I'm traveling adds another layer of cultural nuance that I might have missed. 

3) Read that bestseller: because reading War and Peace on the beach is zero fun. Also, there's no better conversation starter than popular fiction. Talking about Girl on the Train or Me Before You are great icebreakers. While they may not let you check a book off your reading bucket list they might help you make a new friend. Plus, if you leave them in the free "library" at your hotel no one will ever know you purchased one of those page turners.

4) Try poetry: I love poetry books for travel. Poems often ask to be read more than once, so you can stretch your book over the course of your trip. Poetry is also something to be shared and read aloud. Readings are the perfect entertainment after a long day at the beach or if, heaven forbid, you're stuck inside due to inclement weather. 

5) Reading is a free activity: Often when you're traveling you get to a point where you need to check your bank account. After you have a heart attack about how much you spent on museum entrance fees, grab your book, walk to the nearest park or square, sit and read. You can spend several hours in a public space with a book, and it's the perfect cover for observing the locals. 

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