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Monday Writing Prompt

Surprise, surprise, it's Monday again. And Monday's mean Writing Prompts! 

This week we're thinking about mirrors, reflections, dreamscapes. In sci-fi/fantasy characters often step through portals into a world similar to their own but different. These portals are sometimes mirrors, walls, hedges, or shimmering rifts in space-time. Sometimes the character sees the other side in their dreams, sometimes they are physically able to pass through the worlds, or sometimes they get stuck and must find a way home. This other place can be a different world in the multi-verse or it could be an alternate reality.

What happens when you peek over the hedge? Create a piece in which your narrator has passed into a different world. A place that is familiar but off somehow. Maybe animals can talk, maybe colors are different, maybe the language has changed. How does the character adapt? Do they want to stay in the new topsy-turvy place or do they want to go home? Do they have control over their ability to shift between worlds?

Pick a few details and write a poem or short story that show the reader the narrator is in a world unlike their own. Ask yourself how you can show this shift without telling the reader. 

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