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Hello readers!

We normally share links of interesting reads around the web but this week we wanted to do something a little different.

Here's a list of some of our favorite Lit Mags currently on the web.

Reservoir Lit just released their October Issue, and they published a lovely poem by Emily Corwin from Issue 03 of Daphne.

While not online (you can purchase an issue for $3.00) Bop Dead City* is one of our favorite poetry zines. They also pay authors if you're interested in submitting.

Thrush Poetry Journal is hands down killing it. We love their issues and they are publishing some really exciting up and coming writers. I feel like every time I read an issue I see one of their authors winning an award a week later. 

Sea Foam Mag* is another great publication that has also featured Daphne alumni, Kersten Christianson to be exact.

We love Lit.Cat's* beautiful issues and playful website. Read a poem, take a quiz, get some literary inspiration- they truly have everything. 

Spilled Milk is another magazine we love, they combine great design with lovely poetry and their September issue is straight fire. 

What magazines do you enjoy reading? We'd love to hear suggestions for next week!

*Full disclosure I have had work published by these magazines, but I truly love their mission and the work they publish.

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