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I have stepped away from this space, somewhat intentionally, over the last few months. I began a new job in June, my first full-time job in three years, and finding balance between work, writing, basic needs and loved ones has been difficult. Part of me feels it would be easier to shut this site down and move on, but I began this website full of hope in building a community. I love interacting with other writers, I love reading other peoples work, from poems to short stories to personal stories. This magazine allows me, and pushes me, to reach out to fellow writers in a deeper way then just reading tweets or buying books. 

These last few months (fuck, almost a year now) have seemed like wave after crushing wave of bad news. To the point where I have struggled to find purpose in even being on the internet. Where the idea of making soup, or reading a fantasy novel, has seemed infinitely more appealing than wading through other people's bullshit on social media. 

But, hiding is not the answer, and sometimes it feels futile but the best way to help is to show up. This is either writing your representatives at the local, state and national level, or donating money to causes you believe in. This is showing up at protests, at town halls, at soup kitchens and community events. 

Right now you can donate to Everytown, an organization that fights for gun control and an end to gun violence. If you want to donate to Puerto Rico and Mexico there is a list of organizations here and here. Even if you can only donate $10.00 to one organization it will help. If you can't donate money then donate your time by calling your senators to support causes you believe in. If you need to take care of yourself here is a healing broth recipe, spend some time outside, watch the shadows get longer as the sun sets. 

All that being said, I am sad and scared for where the road will take us. As what has been a very hard year comes careening to an end I will not look for a light at the end of the tunnel but for the light within me, and all of you, that will show me the way. 


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