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Monday Writing Prompt

Happy Monday readers, for this week's writing prompt we've got some thoughts on goals and routine and an easy (hopefully) writing exercise for you to jumpstart this week's practice. 

This time of year can feel overwhelming when it comes to resolutions and the pressure to work on self-improvement. Sometimes resolutions can feel more burdensome than helpful. This January instead of making goals and resolutions I decided to read a really good book. I set goals for myself last year which I'm still working on, and I didn't feel the need to add anything else to my plate. Routine can take a long time to feel natural and in terms of my personal writing practice I'm still working on balancing the administrative side with the creative side. I did notice that during the holidays I was starting books and not finishing them so I decided that in January I was going to finish a book, a big book, a challenging, important book. I chose Marlon James' book A Brief History of Seven Killings. I am loving it so far and it's this week's writing prompt inspiration.

Each chapter of A Brief History is told from a different character perspective. There are gangsters, a Rolling Stone journalist, a CIA agent and a young woman trying to leave Jamaica. Each chapter and section follow these characters throughout the day and their simultaneous viewpoints help create a deeper understanding of the bigger picture of the story.

This week take a piece you've already written and re-write from a different person's perspective. For example I've been working on a series of poems about my Grandmother. I took one of the poems and switched it from my perspective to hers and it gave me new insight into the work.

If you want to start a piece from scratch tell a story with multiple viewpoints. Write about a day in the life of a high school student and then add the perspective of a teacher, a classmate, the student's parents or siblings. How can you expand your story's world view to tell a bigger story?

As always we'd love to see your responses to our writing prompts! 

Happy writing!


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