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Weekend Links

Do you have any plans for the first weekend of the New Year? One of our best friends is in town and we still have loads of unpacking to do in our new apartment. Hopefully we'll get some work done in between eating tacos and unboxing books. For your reading pleasure here's some stuff we've been reading this week.

A round up of some bad ass feminist illustrators. We were excited to see some of our favorites like Polly Nor and Sally Nixon

Are you interested in astrology? Here's a good round up of the year ahead

We are unabashed TV lovers and the 2017 slate of shows is looking really good. We are especially excited for HBO's lineup, the new Star Trek series and a Handmaiden's Tale. 

This interview is a couple of years old but we rediscovered it recently and were inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert's advice (a longer piece about it is coming next week). 

Hope you all have a great weekend. See you Monday for a new writing prompt!

Monday Writing Prompt

Hump Day Music