Monday Writing Prompt

For this week's writing prompt we're turing to the art world. Inspired by The Daily Poet, a daily writing prompt guide by Kelli Russell Agodan and Martha Silano, we've been searching through museum archives and artists' Wikipedia pages for interesting titles. 

Pick an artist or museum, look through the titles of their pieces or their collection archives, pick a title that intrigues you. You can also enter a word into a museum website's search function. Here's what we found in SF MoMA's archives when we searched with the word "monster." 

From our list we picked "Godzilla on Monster Island" and used it for the title of our poem. You can incorporate the title into your piece or use it as a jumping off point. 

Another example are Pablo Picasso's painting titles like; Child Holding a Dove, Paul in a Clown Suit, Olga in a Armchair, Bather Holding a Ball. 

If you want something more ephemeral James Abbott McNeill Whistler is a nice place to start. With paintings like Arrangement in Grey and Black or Nocturne: Blue and Gold you have multiple avenues to explore. 

Use google or Wikipedia to look up titles, or poke around the website of your favorite museums. Salvador Dali, Magritte, Monet and many others all have pieces with poetic and inspirational titles for your writing practice. 

Image via Unsplash