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Stuff We Like: Writing Advice

Do you read LitHub? We check it at least once a day (if not two or three times). It's a website geared towards writers that's a great combination of high brow criticism and good old industry gossip. They are also a treasure trove of great writing advice. Here are some of their best articles for the aspiring writer.

Rebecca Solnit's 10 Tips on How to be a Writer.

This article kicked us into high gear with some truly wonderful and surprising results: Aim for 100 Rejections a Year.

Why the saying "90 percent of good writing is rewriting" still holds true: The Art of Revision.

13 questions to ask yourself when you're deciding where to submit. 

On the compatibility of being a parent and finding that wild place where you can write

On how sometimes writing is stealing or maybe all writing is just autobiography.

There are so many great essays on LitHub if you ever need inspiration, a moment to procrastinate or a reminder that even the most successful writers out there struggle with the mundane tasks of balancing creation and living.

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