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Monday Writing Prompt

Welcome back to our semi-regular series: Monday Writing Prompts.

For this first prompt of the year we were inspired by a Christmas gift. Mary-Louise Parker's epistolary memoir "Dear Mr. You" was waiting for us under the tree this year and in the quiet moments between Christmas and New Year's we've been savoring this box-of-chocolate-esque book. A series of letters to the men in her life "Dear Mr. You" reads like a collection of short stories connected by gratitude, forgiveness, courage and humor. Which brings us to our writing prompt: write a letter.

Write a letter to someone you love, someone you want to make amends with, someone you've wronged. Write a letter to confess your feelings or say good bye. Write a letter to the uncle who passed away before you were born. Write a letter to your favorite character, your state senator or to your 17 year old self. 

After you've decided who your letter is for create a correspondence. Is it one sided? If so that's fine, write five letters that will go unanswered. Or maybe your 17 year old self writes back; what do they have to say? 

We could go on with suggestions, we've been playing with this format for the last week and it's possibilities are endless. 

As always we'd love to see your responses to these prompts. Send us your piece and we'll pick some of our favorites to publish on the blog or in the next issue!

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