Weekend Links

Happy Friday Daphne Fans! This weekend we're attending Poets & Writers Live in San Francisco. We've never been to a writing conference before and we're excited to see what's going to happen. We hope you have a fun weekend planned too! See you on Monday with a new writing prompt.

We're excited that there are TWO whole movies in theaters about poets right now; Patterson and Neruda. We've put them on our list to watch ASAP. LitHub even says that every aspiring writer should see Patterson. 

You can watch the trailer for Neruda here. 

If you want to be a writer, you have to write; number 3 in this article is pretty crucial advice.

Beautiful photos of houses in Crete, might be good inspiration for a short story location.

An interesting personal take on the process of self-publishing. 

We've been watching Cosmos (the Neil deGrasse Tyson show) on Netflix and this article from the Atlantic about the Milky Way "stealing" stars from another galaxy is super cool, and crazy to think about.

Hope everyone has a fun and or calming weekend ahead of them!

Photo via Unsplash