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Weekend Links

Happy Friday readers, here are some links to get you through the weekend. 

Have you seen our first issue yet?

Some sci-fi novels that might predict the future of our reproductive rights.

"I spent many years convinced my anxiety was merely a sign that I was (lol) an “artist.” I assumed that not being suicidal meant I wasn’t really ill: there’s a wild gulf between fearing death and wishing it on yourself.  An interesting take on taking antidepressants. 

We've been following Petra Collins on Instagram for a while now and it was fascinating to read about her process

Wes Anderson directed an H&M commercial: watch it here. It's really cute. 

Speaking of Wes, here's one of our favorite travel guides: Wes Anderson's Paris. We went to the Musee de la Chasee et de la Nature and it was a highlight of our Paris trip. 

Have a good weekend everyone! See you on Monday with our semi-weekly writing prompt.

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Monday Writing Prompt

Monday Writing Prompt