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Welcome to Daphne Magazine. 

Stuff We Like: Poetry

Here's a little round-up of poems we've been reading across the web.

The first issue of Daphne Magazine (obviously). 

Aria Aber's poem "I want to tell a story I want to tell it in its entirety" in Reservoir is absolutely gorgeous. 

Maura Pellettieri's pieces over at Public Pool have a wonderful rhythmic musicality to them that beg to be read out loud. 

"A Sudden Spike of Inspiration" by Katie Lewington, from Sea Foam Magazine, is a playful poem in a longer form that pulls you through to the end. 

Lastly, the incomparable Eileen Myles wrote a poem for Cosmonaut's Avenue and true to form the piece is simple, direct and conversational with a twist at the end that makes our heart skip a beat. 

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Hump Day Music