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Monday Writing Prompt

Welcome back to the Monday Writing Prompt!

This week's prompt is inspired by one of my favorite meditative exercises; imaginary packing. Whenever I have trouble falling asleep I start packing for an imaginary vacation in my mind. First I pick the location, then the time of year and lastly the length. After you've decided what kind of trip you're going on it's time to pack. How many pairs of socks do you need? Do you think you'll be going swimming? Do you need to pack a coat or extra SPF?

Write a short story about someone packing. Let us know all the details of their trip only by what they're bringing. If they're going to Antigua show us via their suitcase without telling us. Maybe they're getting ready for a long space voyage, or a hiking trip through the Andean Mountains, perhaps they need to leave the country in a hurry, the possibilities are truly endless. 

As aways feel free to send us your response to these prompts. We'd love to publish our favorites on the blog.

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