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Weekend Links

Wow, it's been a tough week. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the election. While we are devastated that Hillary Clinton lost the election, we are finding hope in the multitude of activists, artists, lawyers, teachers, parents, writers, and so many more who are joining ranks to fight against the new regime. 

Here are some links from around the web that have been helping us get through the week.

So You Feel Like Shit.

25 Women on resilience and rebellion.

An article about SFSU's Poetry Center and it's collection of recordings, many featuring black women, reminds us that we have rich traditions of storytelling and protest to draw upon in the coming days.

Poems are going viral post-election.

Rachel Howe on how to take care of yourself and others. "Responding with fear to this immense insecurity about the future is not the thing to do, we all need to act wisely. If you feel your future is in danger, start now to build a secure foundation for yourself, which includes resources & people, not dependence on the government. If you're in less danger, reach out to those who are & offer your time & money & care to them. All any of us really needs is love to/from ourselves & other people, and the agency to act from that."

A list of organizations you can donate to help those marginalized by our electoral process, including the ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law Center and Planned Parenthood.

"Hope locates itself in the premises that we don’t know what will happen and that in the spaciousness of uncertainty is room to act." Rebecca Solnit is giving away her book on hope for free online.  

Sending love to all you readers and writers out there. We are working on the first issue and are hoping to release it soon. Adding more beautiful writing into the world is why we started this site to begin with and we'll continue through the coming days to fight against losing the basic civil and human rights women, POC, Queer, LGBT and so many others have fought for.

Lastly, a little clip of Cher telling it like it is. Have a good weekend everyone!


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