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Welcome to Daphne Magazine. 

Weekend Links

Here's some stuff we've been loving on the web this week:

A fascinating article in The Atlantic about how banning books can further marginalize children.

One, the cover of this new book is gorgeous and two, any book that references Ovid's Metamorphoses is a must on our list. 

Leave Elena Ferrante alone!

An interesting look into the perilous circumstances of Syria's cultural heritage; "Looking at these photographs, behind the colors, behind the smooth harmonious lines and scenes that celebrate life, I cannot but be gripped by a sense of sadness, by the dark veil of irrational barbarity that for years has been destroying works of art and human life...

We can't believe Friday Night Lights is ten years old! Dillon Panthers forever!

Also, Solange Knowles on repeat all week. 

Monday Writing Prompt

Hump Day Music