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Stuff We Like: Creative Non-Fiction

Dear readers,

We've been working on clarifying our submissions guidelines, especially those regarding creative non-fiction (CNF). To that end we wanted to share some links to CNF pieces that we love. 

First up is Rebecca Solnit's essay on the 80 books no woman should read. Solnit, a master of the essay, writes about creating a personal canon outside of gender binaries and establishment biases. Part recommendation, part rejection of recommendations, Solnit asks us to think about why some books are considered universally important and some are just considered genre. 

Next is Zadie Smith's piece "Some Notes on Attunement" which explores the evolution of her Joni Mitchell fandom. Smith reflects on how art can affect us at different points in our life; how as viewers we can go from hate to love as we grow and change over time. 

Lastly Veronica Hackethals's essay on Island of the Blue Dolphins reexamines her relationship with a beloved novel from her adolescence. How do we approach old favorites with the wisdom of adulthood? Can we still find value in a story through the lens of intersectional examination?

We want pieces that think critically about our relationship with art, music and writing but we also want to know what those relationships meant to you; how they helped you survive tough times or thrive through adversity. As always if you have questions don't hesitate to query us: 


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