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Monday Writing Prompt

Hello Readers! Welcome back to the Monday Writing Prompt!

This weeks prompt is inspired by the Oulipo Compendium (ed. Harry Mathews and Alastair Brotchie) and Raymond Queneau's 100,000,000,000,000 Poems. Queneau wrote 10 14-line sonnets, uniform in rhyme scheme and grammatical correctness to be combined in a hundred thousand billion combinations. We don't expect you to go that far but we've always loved writing poems, printing out the pages, cutting them up and rearranging the lines. 

This week take a draft of a poem you've been struggling with, print it out and cut out the individual lines. Rearrange them, rearrange them again, paste them in a new order to another sheet of paper. Give yourself enough space between the lines for new lines. Write some new lines. 

Does this kind of work help your process? Let us know! Sometimes getting down on the floor with scissors, paper and glue helps us clear our minds and approach our drafts with a fresh perspective. 

As always send us your response to this weeks prompt, either a photo of your cut up work or a draft that highlights the changes you made. We'd love to see your process. 

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